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GenVX Action gider Upshot

Weighing a pound less than the closest competitor, the GenVX® offers the most cooling options, plus removable cheek pads for added comfort.

GenVX is the lightest, coolest, most comfortable, and most dependable helmet on the market.

  • Lightest helmet The lightest helmet available
  • 2 years warranty Tough & durable with a 2-year warranty
  • Cool and comfortable Cool and comfortable all day long
  • Made In USA Made and assembled in the USA

#BullardBlast: 85 Years in Blasting

Bullard expertise in blast PPE goes way back. In fact, our company invented the hard hat in 1919. When we developed the original supplied air respirator and blast helmet for the workers sandblasting steel during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge soon afterward, we used our head protection expertise to provide steelworkers with the best design.

Since then, we’ve continuously researched, developed, produced, and improved head protection and respiratory PPE for abrasive blasters all over the world. Our credentials span decades, continents, and a wide variety of jobsites, including:

Invention of the hard hat in 1919
Development of respirators for Golden Gate Bridge sandblasters in the 1930s
Improvement of blasting helmets for today’s tough conditions
Testing and evaluation of helmets in our state-of-the-art lab
Staying in tune with the needs of front-line blast operators today through on-the-ground sales managers and distributors worldwide
GenVX Action gider Upshot

The Features Your Blasters Need

Understand more about what makes the GenVX blasting helmet the best in the industry

the lightest helmet for productive blasters

Lightest Helmet

Choose the lightest helmet for productive blasters.
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the lightest helmet for productive blasters

Two Year Warranty

Backed by a two year warranty, even the toughest environments.
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the lightest helmet for productive blasters

Cool & Comfortable

Keep workers cooler and more comfortable.
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Made In USA

Made In USA

Support products made and assembled in the USA.
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the lightest helmet for productive blasters

GenVX Helmet Anatomy

See the GenVX helmet up close, inside and out.
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the lightest helmet for productive blasters

Tech Specs

Tech Specs: Give Blasters a helmet designed for the way they work.
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Scott Slade

"It’s perfect. It feels just like a hat. GenVX is the lightest blasting helmet I’ve ever worn."

Slade Inc.


Consult your respirator’s NIOSH Approval Label to determine capability

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